Passionfruit & Poetry by Tea Cooper Passionfruit & Poetry by Tea Cooper

Tell us a little about your book:
Passionfruit & Poetry is a Cinderella story I wasn’t planning to write. I stopped for a coffee and cake while I waited for my car to be serviced and started to write it on the napkin in the café. It’s all about Jeanie – a small town girl happy running the Café Cinématique with her grandmother. Her arrival her life takes an unexpected turn when the café is used for a photographic shoot and Jeanie finds herself unwillingly thrown into the limelight. For a girl with few ambitions Jeanie’s new life is at once both terrifying and strangely liberating, she blossoms into a woman she hardly recognizes. Thrust into the sophisticated life of Sydney, full of smoke and mirrors, her past comes back to haunt her and all she wants is to head home, back to passionfruit…

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